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Rhinoskin X50/X50v Metal Case E-mail
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PPC/Mobile Device Case Reviews
Written by Gray R.
Price: $34.95

The Rhinoskin Metal case is probably one of the most well known cases for the X50/X50v. The main reason for this is that for awhile it was the only case available for the X50, and also it is sold on Dell's website so you can buy it right with your X50. Rhinoskin has always been known in the mobile device world for their line up of metal cases and this case is no exception to their quality and design.

The Rhinoskin comes in a simple white box:

Once you open the box you find the case wrapped in bubble wrap with a small brochure, belt clip post, and Stuff Bak label in a baggy surrounding the case. Inside the case you will find the belt clip itself.


The Package is very nice looking and gives you a great first impression. The outside of the box is not considered retail packaging, but still nice and good quality.

The case is made of aluminum and it seems to look like an anodized surface. This gives it a very nice feel and look and it is even a step up from normal aluminum.

The door of the case opens to the right. This makes it easy to use if you are right handed as most right handed people hold their PDA in their left hand and the stylus in their right. For lefties though, this may cause a problem because left handed people usually hold the stylus in their left hand and the PDA in their right hand where the door would get in their way. On the sides of the case their are rubber strips built into the case that work as grips and keep the case from slipping out of your hand. The back of the case has a screw hole for the belt clip post, and also the top of the back is made of plastic. They make it out of plastic as so that your wifi signal is not reduced by the metal, but I have a PDair Metal case that is similar with a full metal back and that does not degrade the wifi signal at all so I would think that they did not need to make the top back part out of plastic.

On the inside of the case you find that it is all covered with a neoprene material to protect your PDA. On the door there are spaces for two SD cards that are very functional and hold the SD cards very securely. On the case there also is a ridged strip that keeps your PDA from sliding out of the case. There also are cutouts for all of the functions on the X50 (Side Buttons, top, mic, etc.).

The belt clip system works very simply and easily. You simply screw on the post into the back of the case. Then the belt clip slides on and off the post. Some people have been saying that the post can easily come unscrewed. I do not totally see how this could happen, but if you are worried a bit of lock tight (available at hardware stores) will definitely keep it from coming unscrewed.

The included Stuff Bak label is a system that you can see the details at on It is very nice that they included this label and it is a small sized one to use on your PDA.

One thing that I did notice is that the inside arms of the case are not totally covered with the neoprene, the edges are just visible and it could possible scratch your PDA after lots of use and lots of taking the PDA in and out. I would not be to worried about this though as the case provides great protection and a small scratch is nothing compared to the protection this case provides.

Overall the Rhinoskin is a good case. I like the surface and feel of the metal better then the metal on the PDair case, and the rubber side grips make it easier to hold. But the plastic top of the back I feel is not needed and is a sore on the cases overall great appearance.


  • Great Feeling Metal
  • Good Fit
  • Rubber Side Grips
  • Free Stuff Bak Label


  • Plastic Part on top of back
  • Some Scratching may occur with the arms that hold the PDA

Thanks to Rhinoskin for the Review Sample!


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