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Sena X50/X50v Leather Case E-mail
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PPC/Mobile Device Case Reviews
Written by Gray R.

First of all I should say that I have been using this case a lot along with the Piel Frama, Nutshell, and Otter Box in the last few weeks.

The presentation is very nice, on par with the Piel Frama. You first see a box with Sena on the front, then you open the box to find the case in a fabric bag. You can see what you get in the picture below.

The case I received was a black case with out belt clip (so I cannot comment on the belt clip mechanism). Personally I like the feel with out the belt clip considering the whole back of the case is smooth with no peg for the clip. The case fit is very tight and nice. It does take a bit of work to get the unit in and out of the case, but this can be a good thing because the fit is unbelievably perfect (better than the Piel Frama around the screen) and all the holes line up perfectly. Another very cool feature on the Sena is a hole on the back that allows access to the reset button. This means you never have to take the unit out of the case to do a reset either.

One thing that has always stood out about the Sena is that you are able to keep the case on and still put the unit in the cradle. So even though the case is a tight fit, you really never need to take the unit out of the case.

It is a little harder to get the unit in the cradle, but it does go in pretty easily and syncs just fine.

The Sena and Piel Frama are pretty much the same size besides the extra flap on the Piel Frama for securing the case. They both feel about the same thickness besides the Sena's thinner material on the bottom that allows the case to be used in the cradle. Also on the Sena, the two bottom corners are open where on the Piel Frama they are covered. The Sena stays shut by two magnets instead of a snap like the Piel Frama. I much prefer the magnets because you don not have the extra tab and you can also easily flip the cover shut. The magnets are strong and hold the case shut very well.

The Sena overall is a great case. It offers the ability to never have to take your unit out of the case because of the ability to go into the cradle and the reset hole. The leather is a different quality then the Piel Frama, it is still very soft and very smooth but made with a different process so it is much "slicker" . The case provides great protection for the front and back of the unit and keeps it securely in place with a great fit. The biggest complaint I would have is the lack of protection for the bottom of the unit, but there is not much Sena could do since to be able to go into the cradle, the case had to have thin material on the bottom. Overall I would seriously recommend this case if want a case that you can leave your X50 unit in all the time.


  • Magnets keep cover shut
  • Can be used in cradle
  • Reset Button Hole
  • Very nice fit around the screen
  • Slim


  • Less protection for bottom of PDA to be able to go into cradle
  • Tight fit for taking the unit in and out (not always a con though since you should never have to take the unit out of the case since it can go in the cradle and there is a reset button hole)

Thanks to Sena for the review sample.

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