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Astraware Shape Shifter E-mail
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PPC/Mobile Device Software
Written by Gray R.   
Astraware's Shape Shifter
Price: $19.95

In shapeshifter, the objective is to match up shapes with their correct slot. You do this by either dragging them onto their slot, or just tapping on it, and then tapping the empty slot. If you look at the picture below, you will get a better idea of how the game is played.

There are rows of empty slots that slide across the screen in different directions, like a marquee. Then you have row of shapes on the bottom. These are the shapes that you try to assign to their correct slots. When you fill all of the slots in a row, that row disappears.

There are two different game types avalible for you to choose from. You can play "Beat the Clock" or " Shape Speedster." In "Beat the Clock" you try to place the shapes in their correct spots before the time runs out. I thought this gametype was really fun and offered adrenaline-filled endings. The other gametype, "Shape Speedster", is also fun. The rows advance toward the top of the screen and you have to fill the spots before the rows reach the top. You can also get bonus's and a "Revealer", which highlights the correct spots when you pick up a shape.

The game has 99 levels of difficulty for you to choose from. If you fail a level, you don't have to play all of the previous levels to get back to it, you can just choose the level you want to play. I thought this was a really nice feature of the game. The help section of the game was very brief. You needed to play for a minute to get the idea of how the game is played. It also didn't tell you little tips like how to deselect a shape that you have picked up.(Throw it into the multi-colored swirl in the bottom left).


This game is outstanding. I might even go ahead and say that it ranks up there with Bejeweled. The game offers lots of fast paced action and entertainment. I highly recommend this game for people that are Bejeweled lovers, and everyone else. You can purchase, or try the game from Astraware

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